About parmatmana

“Parmatmana” : It is the name of a flood of love in which anyone dives and falls in love.

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Parmatmana ideology

“Parmatmana,”  says:-  if you want to attain heaven, then make your present life heaven, if you want liberation then be liberated, if you want to get nirvana then experience it here only. and if you want to see the truth then be ready to be divine yourself.


What Parmatmana do

“Parmatmana,” says, humans should be happy and free from mind neither he teaches you any disciple nor he will teach you to live in your dreams.

What is Religion?

“Parmatmana,”  says:- that the awakening of humans and getting enlightened and the self-realization of humans is called religion.

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Listen "Parmatmana" for The Ultimate Wisdom.

“Parmatmana” says.

Religion is made to make humans happy, a principle is made to make humans happy, a scripture is made to make humans happy.

He is

"Parmatmana": The name of Greatness.


Name of Bliss.


Name of




The name of a Flood.

No Disciple only Wisdom.

His Dream The imagination of a World that is free from superstitious.